Multi-location Pick-up/Return

Our two locations offer more flexibility with pick ups and returns, which means more time cycling where you want to.

Image showing picking up in Osaka and returning in Kyoto.


We have a shop in Osaka and also in Kyoto. The Osaka shop is located on the Oogawa river close to Sakuranomiya station and is easily accessed by bike and train.

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The Kyoto shop is a short walk and very short ride from Matsuo Taisha which is about 2km south of Arashiyama down the Katsura river. The shop is easy to get to from the cycling path along the Katsura river or via train or bus.

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It's around a 55km ride from one shop to the other and the ride is a Kansai classic with some top moments on the bike. The route follows the Yodo and Katsura rivers and is pretty easy to navigate.

A map of the cycling route between Osaka and Kyoto.

You can read more about the route from the below blog post which is a guide on cycling from our Kyoto shop to Osaka shop. 

Kyoto to Osaka cycling guide and route >

How it works

When booking your bike and gear simply add the "Multi-location: Kyoto Pick-up - Osaka Return" to your cart and finalise the booking.

Screenshot of the multi-location product page.

If you make the reservation on our Kyoto site this means you will be starting in Kyoto and finishing in Osaka.

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If you would like to start in Osaka and finish in Kyoto, simply make the booking from our Osaka shop site and add the "Multi-location: Osaka Pick-up - Kyoto Return" product to your cart.

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There is a 1,000 yen charge for the "Multi-location Pick-up/Return" because the bikes and gear will need to be picked up and driven back to their home shop.

When is this useful?

The option of picking up and returning at different stores can be very convenient at times. Below are some situations that the Multi-location pick-up/Return could very useful.

Want to ride to Kyoto but don't have much cycling time

If you're in Osaka and want to ride into Kyoto but can only ride for one or two days this could be a great option. It's about 55km between Osaka and Kyoto so if you need to ride there and back in one day that's 110km without doing any exploring in Kyoto.

By returning in Kyoto you get more time on the bike in Kyoto and don't have to worry about racing back down the rivers to Osaka before the sun goes down and it gets too dark.

Staying in Kyoto but Flying out of KIX

If you're staying in Kyoto and doing most of your riding in the Kyoto area but flying out of KIX airport in Osaka it might be useful to return the bike in Osaka.

The ride between the two cities is a Kansai cycling staple so if you want to experience it and you're flying out of KIX returning to the Osaka shop could be an option for you.

I'm new to cycling and I'm not sure if I can cycle there and back

If you are building up your stamina and or new to cycling riding more than 100km can be tough! Having the option of returning at the other store can give you much needed peace of mind and will allow you to relax more in the city you ride to. 

A common situation is riding to Kyoto from Osaka, having a nice lunch, doing some sightseeing and then feeling like relaxing by the river with a beer, not riding another 55km back! 

We understand, we've been there many times ourselves. We used to often take a train bag when riding to Kyoto (still do sometimes!) as an insurance plan if we didn't have the energy to push ourselves back down the river to Osaka.

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